Freeborn County Historical Society Foundation
FOUNDATION TRUSTEES: Kelly Callahan, Mark Light, Brad Kirchner, Pat Mulso, Todd Domke

The Purpose and Objective of the Foundation shall be to provide income for the upkeep, repair, and maintenance of the buildings of the Freeborn
County Historical Society museum and village.

Even a modest donation can provide benefits for years to come.

The Freeborn County Historical Society Foundation was formed in 1972. The foundation serves as a source of income for the operation of the
Freeborn County Museum and Village in Albert Lea, Minnesota.

In order to maintain the level of service Freeborn County residents and non-residents alike have come to enjoy, the Foundation must maintain a
certain level of income. As public funding continues to dwindle, private donations become increasingly important to the operation of the Museum.

This is where you come in!

Donating even a modest amount to the Foundation, a charitable trust, can provide income for the Museum for years to come, as only the interest
from the principal is used.

Constant income is the best insurance that the Freeborn County Museum will be educating and inspiring people of all ages 100 years from now.

Please call the Museum at 507-373-8003 with any questions you may have - or send the form (Click HERE to get a copy of the form which you can
print and send) with your check or pledge. Thank you.


Yes, if you have read this far, you have shown an interest in the Freeborn County Historical Society/Museum.

Gifts to the FOUNDATION are invested, this principal to never be removed for operating the Society/Museum; only the interest earned from it. Gifts
to the FOUNDATION are a life-long gift!

This principal can be a "rock" or basis for the Society/Museum. The interest earned provides help and nourishment to a wonderful organization that is
preserving our heritage.

Here is how you can be a part of it, even with modest means:

A gift of $10,000 designated in your will would make an impact and provide a wonderful feeling of charity giving for you.
Charitable contributions in expanded amounts provide great tax incentives. There are many ways for providing bequests through estate planning and
we invite you to explore your pleasures in doing so. Call or write, and a member will be pleased to explain how you can benefit.
A contribution to the FOUNDATION is always welcomed, sometimes given in honor of a person, or as a memorial, and is another way of contributing
other than as a bequest which is more future, or long-term planning.

When you make a donation of $5.00 or more, the FOUNDATION provides a very nice, free-of-charge card, which you can mail or deliver, informing
the receiver that a gift has been given to the FOUNDATION as a memorial, or "In Honor of," etc. Special occasions can be Anniversaries, Birthdays,
Accomplishments, etc. The card informs the receiver that a gift has been given in their name and by whom. These cards can be picked up at the
museum; they are not available through the mail.

The Freeborn County Historical Society Foundation is a non-profit, tax exempt organization whose primary goal is to preserve and enhance the
Freeborn County Historical Museum and Village.
Help educate and inspire generations to come by
donating to the Freeborn County Historical Society
Freeborn County Historical Museum